Workers Compensation / Employers Liability

In Illinois, it is mandatory for every business entity to have workers compensation included in their business coverage. There are four components to workers compensation coverage:

  1. Medical Payment
  2. There is no limit as to how much medical or surgical expenses the employer/insured will be obligated to pay.

  3. Disability Income
  4. Payments to an employee for loss of wages. Total disability refers to an employee's total inability to work.

  5. Death Benefits
  6. Death benefits pay for funeral and burial expenses, including consistent amounts of income to the family of the deceased.

  7. Rehabilitation Expenses
  8. These expenses include physical therapy, vocational training, travel expenses, etc.

Employer's liability covers the insured if an employee is sued by a third party or if an employee's family sues the insured (the business entity).

*Resource: Insurance Information Institutes' WC Policies

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