Inland Marine

From the Insurance Information Institute, inland marine insurance refers to a type of coverage developed for shipments that do not involve ocean transport. Covers articles in transit by all forms of land and air transportation as well as bridges, tunnels and other means of transportation and communication. Floaters that cover expensive personal items such as fine art and jewelry are included in this category.

Personal Article Floaters

Personal Property floater
Provides coverage to all property on an all-risk basis.
Personal Article floater
Used to insure certain types of personal property on a scheduled basis; property can include furs, jewelry, valuable items, etc.
Personal Effects floater
Used to insure personal effects carried or worn by travelers anywhere in the world but not at home.

Commercial Property Floaters

Commercial property floaters offer protection for business property that is not contained at a fixed location. These floaters are attached to base property insurance policies.*

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