How can you pay for your insurance?
There are several methods to pay for your insurance. Generally the first payment can be taken from us and the rest are setup to be taken on an automatic payment method. However, we pay attention to detail and help our clients feel supported when something goes wrong. Please contact us to help you with continuous coverage.

What can you pay with?
Auto and Home owner/ renter's insurance policy has a small initial agency fee and your first payment of premium. This can be paid either by cash in office or direct deposit to our Fiduciary account at J. P. Morgan Chase Bank via QuickPay or stop in bank cash deposit or by Paypal, visa, Master Card, American express or Discover cards. Cashier's checks and money orders are also acceptable.

Business insurance is pretty much the same as Auto and Home insurance above.

Life and health insurance policies are automatic and we can not help you if you get behind. You will have some grace period to make the payment.

Please call your agent or call the office for the best suited way for you to make the payment.

We take your payment every day if you can not pay the insurance company directly however, there is no guaranty if their server is down. Please give ample time to pay the carrier.
Premium Payment
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